UNT Intelligent Information Access Lab

Chunying Wang

Ph.D. Student
Department of Information Science
College of Information

About me

Chunying Wang, who is currently a joint Ph.D. student at the IIA Lab, is a library science doctoral student at the School of Information Management (iShool), Wuhan University.


  • joint Ph.D. student in Information Science ( University of North Texas, 2018-)
  • Ph.d in Library Science (successive master-doctor program ,Wuhan University 2015-)
  • Bachelor's in Library Science (Zhengzhou University, 2011-2015)

Research Interests

My research interests include open data, information literacy, and library education.

Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Huang, R., Wang, C.Fan, B,.Zhou, Z.(2018).Library Participation in Open Government Data Movement: Driving Factors, Practice and Inspiration.Information and Documentation Services.(Accept)(CSSCI)
  • Huang, R., Wang, C.Zhou, Z.(2018).Study on the Innovation Service Way of Library to Enterprises in Open Government Data Environment.Library construction,2018(08):62-66+74.(CSSCI)
  • Huang, R., Wang, C.(2018)Analysis of the Practice of Open Data Services in Foreign Public Libraries and Its Enlightenment to China. 62(13):139-144(CSSCI)
  • Tang, C., Wang, C. (2017). Research on Integrated Platform of Government Data Open and Sharing Service Based on Government Cloud Data Center. Information and Documentation Service, (5),13-19. (CSSCI )
  • Huang, R.,Wang, C.(2016). Investigation and Analysis on the Current Situation of Subject-Oriented Data Literacy and Its Demands : A Case Study of Students from MOOC “Information Retrieval”. Library Tribune, (6), 99- 105. (CSSCI)
  • Huang, R.,Wang, C.(2016). Investigation and Analysis on the Current Situation of Governmental Data Open Platform in China. Information Studies: Theory & Application. 39(7), 50-55. (CSSCI)
  • Huang, R., Wang, C.(2016). Investigation and Analysis on Data Management Function of British and American Government Data Open Platforms. Library and Information Service, (19), 24-30. (CSSCI)
  • Yuan, J., Wang, C. &Jia, C. (2015). Empirical Investigation and Analysis of University Users' Information Behavior under Mobile Network. Information Studies: Theory & Application. 38 (6) :93-97. (CSSCI)
  • Wang, P.,Wang, C.(2014). Empirical Study on American Public Libraries’ Services for Vulnerable Groups Based on Content Analysis of Webs. Journal of the National Library of China, 23(4), 10-15. (CSSCI)